Why is St. Joe interested in downtown Panama City?

St. Joe believes that a vibrant downtown with an ecosystem of residents, workers, businesses, shoppers, visitors benefits everyone in the community.

How can St. Joe’s involvement potentially help downtown Panama City?

St. Joe is ready and able to make an investment in the downtown that can hopefully be catalyst for other investments and activity towards creating a vibrant downtown.

What is the first step that St. Joe proposes and why?

St. Joe believes successful downtowns occur one step at a time with each step helping the next step. The first step that St. Joe proposes is to build a quality, branded full service hotel with restaurant and lounge. Hotels attract people and activities and serve as a catalyst for other activities.

Where is the hotel proposed to be built?

The hotel is proposed to be built somewhere on the property the City owns that is immediately adjacent to the marina. The exact location will be determined collaboratively with the City after careful planning and analysis. The hotel is not proposed to be built on the “T-dock” area that protrudes into the water. See: Map of T Dock Area

Is St. Joe proposing to purchase the property from the City?

No. The City will remain the owner the property. St. Joe proposes to execute a ground lease with the City in order to build a hotel.

Is St. Joe proposing to request for the City to help pay for the hotel?

No. St. Joe is proposing to fund the hotel without any City or other taxpayer assistance.

Does St. Joe plan on “taking over” the City owned property or marina and limit public access?

Absolutely not. For various reasons, it is important for the City to retain ownership of the property and marina in order to maintain public access. In fact, in order for a hotel to be successful at this location, it must be designed and programmed in a way that is inviting to and embraces the public domain and adjoining public spaces, parks, and greenways.

Does St. Joe support visioning and planning processes for the downtown?

Yes. St. Joe is a strong believer in planning processes that are thoughtful, inclusive, practical, and actionable.

Is St. Joe open to receiving public input?

Yes. St. Joe values public input and is going to be soliciting public input as the hotel concept is created. Check our calendar of upcoming open houses. We’d love to hear your thoughts.