Marina Hotel


Welcome Note

This website has been established to provide factual and timely information about the proposed marina hotel project. Meetings, community input sessions, and other events where attendees can provide input and ask questions on the project, will be posted on the calendar. As other information, documents, plans, etc. continue to become available, they will be posted to the website on a timely basis. We encourage you to visit the website regularly for updates.

Meetings Calendar

After receiving public input at our Community Input Session as well as ongoing input via the website, we are in the planning process. a community input session took place on July 17. Details below.


Photos from the July 17 Community Input Session

A healthy and vibrant downtown with an ecosystem of workers, residents, and shoppers, and guests is an important component of the rising tide of a community.



We want to hear what you think. Please send us a note with your questions or comments.

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